Thursday , August 11 2022

The great owner of Tradedoubler: A shameful proponent


The French owner Reworld's offer to Tradedoubler is a critic who believes that the company owns 2 per cent of the company and that Tradedoubler is clearly on the right path and that the bidders can participate in the meeting.

TradeDoublers main owner, French Reworld is offering the company 3.17 SEK per share, which is a discount of 27.6% compared to the closing price of SEK 4.38 on Tuesday.

Richard Hellekant, who owns approximately 1 million shares and therefore owns more than 2 percent of the affiliate's firm, says, "The good return of Tradedoubler 's good return is truly very sincere." Said.

"Performance-based marketing is now a well-established advertising channel that grows by 5-10%, and Tradedoubler shows the growth of report sales for the first time in three years. They are on the road after a difficult period." He says, why should the company be worth more and why will it definitely sell in 3.17?

Growth rate continues 10 percent in five percent – up to 14 percent in the third quarter – Richard Hellekant, who bought special shares this summer and Wednesday, thinks that the stock in Stockholm must be valued at around SEK 10.

Recently, Microsoft is talking about a large list of customers such as HP, Philips, Newspaper, Budget and Hilton, and various acquisitions in the affiliate industry.

"The market has slowly matured, and almost all major advertisers are now using performance-based affiliate marketing. Tradedoubler 's errors before they grow too fast with incorrect types of accounts: small customers who don't generate huge revenue, but have huge internal resources in internal resources. Investors Currently, there are new accounts with more than 400 employees.

He is pointing The risk of issuance of new shares, such as the share of heavy Tradedoubler since last spring, has also been released from the quarterly report on Thursday.

Richard Hellekant points to two independent directors of Tradedoubler, worn by the vast majority of Frenchmen representing Reworld. The question is whether any modifications between the alternative receivers have occurred.

Ibi There are a lot of capitalist rivals in the industry, rakip said Richard Hellekant of Axe Springer, who is a member of the US Alliance Data Holder Commission, as well as Tradedoubler Competition Awin.

The idea of ​​being giant As Google and Facebook control the entire advertising market in the Internet, Richard Hellekant says he has partly referred to the growth and attention of such companies, as well as the independent market reports that Tradedoubler had seen before investing.

In this context, the bid value is only 5-6 times the operating profit before 12-month rolling and depreciation and the gross profit margin is above 22 percent and the best operating margin in four years.

Tradedoubler's share fell by 18 percent at a price of 3.60 kr.

you Searched Based on an appraisal report from Stockholm Corporate Finance, the Swedish independent board member of Tradedoubler, who also serves as liaison officer for the Tender Committee, advises shareholders to accept the French proposal to comment.

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