Thursday , March 4 2021

The car thief passed two people in Vollsjö

Man and woman living in Vollsjö, Sjöbo municipality, encountered the car thief just before 16:00 as they were about to take their car.

Instead of being stopped, the man first left the garage without opening the door completely.

The double car was crashed and smashed into the garage door, said to have suffered major damage.

Neighbors who saw the incident warned the police.

Now the police are looking for the perpetrator driving an old, white mansion car with badly damaged façade. It disappeared in the direction of Highway 13.

Among other things, the police use helicopters to hunt.

Neither men nor women in their 80s saw themselves as in need of ambulance care.

The incident is classified as a robbery, but the aggravated attack could possibly be escalated as attempted murder.

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