Sunday , May 22 2022

The brave lyrics of Läckberg love – first of all | entertainment


Author "Strömstedts", 44-year-old writer Camilla Läckberg and MMA Hunter Simon Sköld 31 open their doors to their homes.

Your husband has a 13-year-old age difference and Camilla told us he had more time in touch before he met Simon.

"There were younger men who embraced me. No man at my age showed any interest. I finally realized: Men in my generation, they don't want a woman who is more successful than them, it's a threat.

The cheeky joke of Läckberg

Men always teases each other, and Camilla's birthday presents a book titled Simon's A – "Big Penis."

Simon explains why he got the nickname "The Anaconda" in MMA contests.

– You'd have a terrible nickname, it would be cool and hard. Then there's a song called "Anaconda", he says.

"Half of these statements," says Camilla.

On the question of the nickname, Simon answers:

– It could be some kind of explanation.

"Together with Strömstedts" is led by Niklas and Jenny Strömstedt, and will be shown on TV4 at 21:00 on Thursday.

Expressen was in contact with Camilla Läckberg who did not want to add anything beyond what was said in the program.

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