Saturday , May 21 2022

Test: JBL Link 20 – Smooth Speaker with Google Now


Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? The question has so far split speaker manufacturers into two camps, and the former help-assisted assistant has clearly received the number of compatible devices. However, JBL fell to Google Cross – four of the company's speakers recently received a Swedish version of Google's Assistant in Sweden. In addition to Google's own Home speakers, there are also options for everyone who wants to sing in Sweden.

JBL Link 20 is a sound-focused allround speaker with a smarter price tag than a Google Home, but also with benefits like built-in battery and waterproof. Even in this 2,000-krone model the sound was supposed to be better, but we'll get a better understanding of this later in the article.

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Design: simple but well built

Anyone using the JBL speaker will immediately recognize the fabric-covered, rounded and rugged design, including link 20. With a size of 21.8 cm, it is significantly higher than a Google Home Page (above 14 cm), but the coverage is a bit thinner and the speaker gives a longer impression than the Google speaker. With the weight of the kilogram, it is quite possible to choose Link 20 & apos; which is the idea of ​​the speaker's built-in battery.

Unlike some other smart speakers, Link 20 is equipped with physical buttons instead of touch controls. There are buttons on the top for audio, play / pause, bluetooth pairing, and a special button that you access via Google Now. There is a button on the back of the device to turn the loudspeaker on and off, and one ensures that the two uppermost microphones are put on hold.

JBL Link 20
JBL Link 20 can handle our shower test with a big fire.

The Link 20 is sleek and sturdy in any way, well-made and waterproof to the ipx7. This designation means that you can download the speaker in measured water for up to 30 minutes. Of course there is nothing you can do, but anyone who likes to listen to music in the bathroom dries with this speaker.

Sound: balanced and beautiful

More than a week ago, we tested LG's Google Speaker WK7, and we were impressed by the powerful sound and deaf bass. It's different in Link 20; The sound feels better balanced and reminiscent of a certain deep bass lack. She doesn't bother you that much, but she wants to know more.

The speaker has 2 x 10 w outputs and two elements are on the right and left sides. In other words, we get a more stereo sound that allows you to fill a room at a lower volume level more easily than with a single forward speaker. The connection 20 is not really clocked with the screwed sound and some distortion may occur in the center register.

JBL Link 20
You can turn off the microphones or the entire device at the back. The LEDs on the power button indicate the battery level when booting.

However, Link 20 performs surprisingly well in terms of size. Here you get a better, cleaner, more detailed sound than a Google Home page, and the other audio range easily positions the device as it should. The battery life is set to a maximum of ten hours of music playback, but this lesson varies greatly depending on how much you listen. If you do not want to think about the battery, you can connect the USB adapter to any wall outlet and then drive it.

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