Tuesday , February 18 2020
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Starbreeze will lower costs | THE BUSINESS WORLD

Starbreeze's targets for positive EBITDA for 2019 remained unchanged, and the management team was assigned by the Board to develop a program to review operations and reduce costs and focus on core activities. This is stated in a press release.

"The first sales revenue of Overkill The Walking Dead game is lower than expected due to higher sales than low-cost countries like China and Russia," the press release said. Said.

The fourth quarter results of Starbreeze are adversely affected by the fact that in 2018, the licensing version of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead will be recognized only after the $ 505 license fee of $ 10 million. However, the positive EBITDA results remain unchanged for the fourth quarter.

The company has launched a program to reduce costs and focus on core businesses with internal and external game development. Measures are expected to provide significant cost savings in 2019 compared to 2018 in areas that are not primarily core business areas.

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