Friday , May 20 2022

Skidklart in Bruksvallarna – Eskilstuna Kuriren




It is ready for the start of the ski premiere in Bruksvallarna.

But it was a power test for the organizers.

"We've got about 50 people who have worked for hours to get rid of the competitions, and now it will be great," says Mikaela Sundbaum, the leader of the competition.

Skiers will compete in a 3.3 kilometer cycle. It is a combination of artificial snow saved last year and newly produced artificial snow.

"It was hard when it rained last weekend. It's drying up in the air and everything is under control. But none of us really worried. We've been at similar times since the beginning of the season. We would just do it," said Mikaela Sundbaum.

The whole village is setting up to carry out competitions.

– I'm doing it to help the ski club where the kids are active. This arrangement is very important for the entire community, ir says Inga Mikkelson banchef.

Now there are races, but the track may be crowded. Mostly on Saturday, men are 15 kilometers and women drive 10 kilometers. Both competitions are classic. There will be many rounds in the long cycle of 3.3 kilometers.

"It'll be fine. Normally there's a piece in the World Cup." Mikaela Sundbaum says now we're going to work on two parallel tracks.

Facts: ski premiere in Bruksvallarna

November 16: 5 km (f) ladies, 10 km (f) gentlemen.

November 17: 10 km (hours) ladies, 15 km (hour) gentlemen.

November 18: Sprint, 1.4 km, ladies and gentlemen.

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