Tuesday , August 9 2022

"Singleplayer-DLC rarely sells exclusively" –


Multiplayer games usually reach higher levels with different types of new content, while singleplay titles focus on the story. Of course, we know that the development of single player content is quite expensive, but now it turns out that it doesn't sell well.

This is Jason Schreier, news editor of Kotaku, one of the world's best contacts. excitement He writes that several developers have developed it for several years, which explains it is not only popular. This is why many extensions are published in separate headers:

"One thing I've heard from many developers over the last few years is the single-player story. The DLC doesn't sell very well most of the time. That's why we've seen DLC for things like Dishonored 2 and Uncharted 4 morph. Games alone."

This, of course, is just one of a few reasons why more and more developers are making multiplayer games, but why do you think this player is more popular than the single player?

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