Tuesday , May 17 2022

RTX On! Sweclockers testing beam tracing in Battlefield V


Previously updated today Battlefield V With the support of ray tracing, this is a technique for game-based real-time lighting with new Geforce RTX cards released earlier this fall. BFV The first game in which challenging technology was launched and our friends in Sweclockers could not keep their fingers under control.

After an intense test one afternoon, a report was published on how and how the game was performed using the ray tracing technique. Test with the Geforce RTX 2080 Ti top card, even when the settings are broken. DXR (referred to as ray tracing adjustment in the game) is available in four quality modes and recommends the game medium (second lowest setting).

With all ultra graphics in 2 560 x 1 440 pixels and DXR closed resolution, the graphics card prints 144 strong images per second. However, with the DXR on the ultra, almost half an hour average falls to 77 fps. On the other hand, a lot of eye candy is obtained for this price, but test player Jonas Thörnqvist wonders about the benefits of it in a multiplayer game.

Graphically, reflections in water bases and automobiles, for example, are significantly better with ray tracing compared to conventional rasterization. However, in multiplayer mode in Battlefield V, it is difficult to pay attention to this added eyedod as it moves from region to region quickly and most of them try to focus on finding a competitor rather than thinking about the fire reflected in the window.

Anyway, and yet, when the technology expanded and prices fell in a year, the players' property was quite possible. Until then BFV's The use of ray tracing as a first step for real graphics enthusiasts.

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