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Red Dead Atonement 2

Rockstar Games at least a few times, just began to look like rock stars and rightly. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to create games that involve everything from interesting stories to moving stories, to open minded worlds, to pure exploratory worlds. In many cases, the fact that the budget of the latest games in the "portfolio" exceeds the biggest of Hollywood films, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception – and vice versa.

A well-planned and small detail entry, slowly and confidently, the player enters into complex game mechanisms and the masterful story of "Van der Lind Time" is a masterful way to begin the story as well as proof that it is solid, thoughtful and educative. game design. At the end of this so-called prologue, the gigantic game world was fully introduced. Not only does it feel overwhelming, but it also attracts beautiful landscapes for discovery.

Prickly characters such as John Marston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Summers and Hosea Mathews do not interact with each other and with the main character of the game (Arthur Morgan) in connection with film series or story-related events. Even on Arthur's well-being, without responding to Arthur's clothing. In most cases, it is entirely the player's responsibility to pay attention to such guidelines when the player arrives at the main character. If he jumps into a puddle of water in a mud, gets dirty, rubs into the soil and is very rich, and his hair grows and eats with his beards, he is somehow not more than one weak and bulky. This kind of detail is far from there, but finding this kind of thought in a game by itself is a big part of playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Therefore, I will try to be frugal with this kind of curiosity.

Another thing in the world that actively shapes both characters and animals is how they interact with the environment. The idea of ​​artistic and technical contraction, which should be behind small details, such as how the mud behaves when Arthur and his gang or how the rain sprinkles both clothes when dripping a foot or a paw, and the fur and earth are briefly breathtaking. As if that was not enough, the characters interact with any object in a way that I have never seen before. In short, it seems real when the character in question collects a jar of jars or ties it back to the podium. No trimming, no feather movements, weight in every movement, and the hand of the character and fixed limits where the object starts.

With such a large, comprehensive and well-integrated world, there is more than a series of main tasks to focus on. Of course, Rockstar Games put my expectations in a lot of ways and I don't even know where to start. But I still think it's one of the best starting points for hunting animals. The possibility of hunting is not because there is something new in the game world, but because hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be much more than a portion of the body to shoot an animal and cook. The hunt may also include an animal skin to raise its equipment with horns in order to create useful articles and special furs to sell or sew clothes. It can also mean long trips on cold mountain peaks that require warm clothing, but may mean different rewards depending on how the hunt goes. First you do not have to acquire a qualitative one, as the first best bear can not give a nice plaid as a well-placed pair, like a shotgun.

As if this was not enough, players could also store clothes, weapons and ammunition, such as meat, fur and horns. All of this doesn't match Arthur's pocket. And if he doesn't bring Arthur to hunting grounds, he probably comes here. A Western Game of course was not a Western game, but a horse-riding ability, and the horse in Red Dead 2 was much more than a travel vehicle, but also a walking suitcase and Arthur's best friend in most cases.

It is important to build a strong bond with it to get your horse as much as possible. First, take care of it, brush it up and feed it. But even by folding it or even calming it after a hot sprint from a bandit gang. Managing his horse is rewarded with a friend who runs faster, more stubborn, maneuver more easily, and relies on more coercion when he wins bullets. There are several different types of horses to choose from, some can be found in the wild and can be tame, while others can be taken in various cities. Durability, speed etc. Anyone with different potentials when it happens.

However, the horse is not the only way to travel. You can also take the train or walk on foot with the many carriages in the city. The choices opened too much and more opportunities. However, some cleaning "irradiation", which is usually found in other large open world games, is not recommended, which may seem both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, when you want to sell in new yacht markets, it can be annoying to move between wildlife and city life. On the other hand the game never interferes with the illusion of time and space. One thing that I personally really appreciate is that, especially when the wildlife is not the only thing that can devote time to the main tasks.

There is always something exciting on the road, no matter what direction, during each trip. If it isn't a legendary elk, it may be a band of foreigners or robbers who need help with his horse. Alternatively, a snake knocks out in the woods and asks for the antidote, or invites the most obscene lantisers foreigners to dinner. Your friends, who are also mal from the time of Van der Lind 39, can also have a chat or offer wild aliens to purchase Arthur's hidden treasure maps. Or so … Yes, as you'll understand, there's a very long list of all the places you want to visit in the wild west. And believe me, this is just one part of all the exciting things that can happen all over the gigantic world of Red Dead 2. Not to mention all the crazy combinations that all these events can happen.

The game takes its time, but the time it takes to do what it wants to do is under every condition referred to every second. When you combine all of the above with one beautiful beautiful touch, it combines beautifully accompanied western inspired pieces of music, horse's claws from the terrain and other unexplored bird species. Still, the weak tempo can sometimes feel frustrating. At least in the stressful and action-packed episodes, sometimes it took no time to get the divergent weapon lying on the ground anywhere. Or the lifting of the body to be moved should not be too difficult. In most cases the speed contributes to an almost perfect atmosphere.

As I've said before, you might think that there shouldn't be anything more to talk about, but actually there is. The last thing I want to mention is control of the game, because it's too much, good and bad. Each selection is made by pressing keystrokes or keys that require you to press the same key for a long time. This arrangement makes it possible to give the same button a number of different features, and it is difficult to perform some actions "inadvertently". Combine this with another feature layer on the same button, depending on whether the right shoulder button is pressed or not, and we have a very complex control program that takes a long time to learn. There is something inevitable in such a big game, but I have a real complaint, one of the two complaints I have. However, even when it comes to the control program, there are bright spots. Numerous and challenging control layers leave room for some easy-to-use quick features. For example, setting the size of the map without having to enter any menu, or just pressing a button allows you to switch to the first person perspective by just pressing a button.

Finally, I would like to say that there is no doubt that this game will be worth your time. The game does not have a single missed opportunity, it brings both the open and the surrounding things to the small details from an open open world. I've never played a game of high quality before Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, for the rest of 2018, I will only spend as much time as I can in the wild west.


  • Gripping Story
  • Interesting characters
  • The area around Grandiosa
  • Wide gaming world
  • Highly detailed
  • Great variety
  • Quiet warm tempo
  • When explorers are the best
  • Horses and everything they mean
  • Hunting and fishing


  • Sometimes tolerate slower
  • Complex control program


Writer: Sannie Jönsson

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