Thursday , September 29 2022

Peter Popovic lost his sight: "He feels very heavy"


Popovic was forced into an acute eye surgery because he was affected by retinal detachment at the beginning of the Gold Tournament in Copenhagen.

But the surgery didn't help. Earlier this autumn, an operation was carried out at St Eriks Eye Hospital in Stockholm to get the oil injected during the first surgery.

"When I tried a new lens, it didn't work. I can see if it's dark or bright, but now it's the seasonal premiere of this team's national team against the Czech Republic in Prague this season.

Sitting luck

A lucky blow to Popovic still lucky. The NHL had already dropped the sight of the eye that had been shot after being shot in a package during his career.

"There was a fifty percent of this eye, 0.13-0.15.

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La I had the impression that the eye could be better than the previous one in relation to the operation. The question then was to choose to inject oil or gas to improve damage. If I had gasses, I couldn't fly home and I was forced to do another surgery. Poppe says I now regret choosing oil to avoid driving or driving.

Last season

With eight NHL seasons on the merit list in Montreal, five, the former bigback won the eighth and final season in Tre Kronor as Assistant League and won three World Cup gold medals and won.

Popovic, 50, is planning a continuation of his coach career, where he was head coach for Södertälje in SHL, for two seasons before the national team.

Or I can think of working both in Sweden and abroad, and I don't close any doors, “he says.

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