Thursday , September 29 2022

New study: No connection between childhood vaccines and allergies


Children who grow up in anthroposocial settings are less likely to suffer from allergies than other children. But what is there in this habitat that protects children?

Among other things, a general practitioner, a general practitioner and a former general practitioner, Ursula Flatters, previously stated that there are no vaccines available to keep children healthy, including measles before.

Not at all, says the head physician at the Sachsen Children and Youth Hospital in Stockholm, Johan Alm. He explored the case and compared the children to the anthroposocial lifestyle of children living traditionally in families.

. We didn't see any link, which means that some parents may be concerned about the concerns that their children are sick or allergic to vaccines, Joh says Johan Alm.

Union disappeared

In the present study, Johan Alm and his colleagues followed three groups of children from birth to five years of age. To the south of Södertälje, a total of 466 children from Järna were found, their 99 being considered to be purely anthroposetic, while the 100's were experienced for this philosophy and the rest.

During the follow-up period, the parents answered questions about life style and others while being tested in various situations. Among other things, the blood samples tested for the presence of allergies were tested.

– We found that the incidence of allergy in partially anthropological children was lower than in other children. In addition, we found a link between vaccination and allergy incidence in blood samples, but these children were expected to be less allergic. However, when we took into account different risk factors, such as the family's lifestyle, this relationship disappeared. That is why our comment is that it does not support childhood vaccines that cause allergies, um says Johan Alm.

Verifies other work

Agnes Wold, a professor of Clinical Bacteriology at the Sahlgrenska Academy in the University of Gothenburg, said in a statement to SVT News that the new study confirmed his previous research on the subject.

– This study shows what has been proven in many other studies – the fact that vaccination does not increase the risk of the child becoming allergic. As you know, you have the risk of having less allergies to anthroposocial children than other children.

"This study shows that allergy protection is not due to less vaccination of anthroposophical children, so there is something else in an anthroposocial lifestyle that can protect the child from allergy development.

disease outbreaks

Exactly, what is happening in anthroposocial life that gives less allergic children, the researchers do not know.

Olabilir There may be various environmental factors like diet, Joh says Johan Alm.

The study also showed that 58 out of anthroposocial children were not fully vaccinated after the age of five.

Because of the reluctance of the anthropocysts to vaccinate, the community outside of Järna has been exposed to epidemics of both red dogs and measles throughout the years.

The current work was published in the Lancet magazine EClinicalMedicine.

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