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National team stars on death of veterinarian Björn Nolting

TOKYO. The equestrian world is in mourning.

Renowned veterinarian Björn Nolting died last week after a plane crash while driving his private plane in Switzerland.

– Björn was at my first Olympics in 1996 and worked hard with the Swedish national team. It’s extremely sad, says Malin Baryard-Johnsson.

Last week came the tragic news that the 60-year-old star vet died in a plane crash. Nolting was on vacation in Switzerland and flew his own plane between mountain peaks. According to, air traffic controllers in Zurich lost contact with the plane on Sunday afternoon, July 18.

There must have been both bad weather and fog in the mountainous region where Nolting was flying his Mooney model airplane. Fog made the search difficult, and the plane was only found on Monday in steep terrain, about 3,000 meters above sea level.

– He was a huge person in the equestrian world, so we were all in shock when we found out. Father Fredricsson said that the Swedish national jumping team’s meeting with the media in Tokyo was an extremely tragic accident.

“I’ve known for years”

Bjorn Nolting died last week.

Photograph: brown paint

Björn Nolting was the national team veterinarian in charge of Germany for 19 years and was both well-known and well-known in equestrian sports. Nolting was also active in Sweden, where the 60-year-old actress founded, among other things, the clinic in Täby and Brunmåla, where she still works before the accident. Swedish star rider Malin Baryard-Johnsson had known Nolting for 25 years.

– Björn actually was in 1996 when I had my first Olympics in Atalanta. Then I used it a lot. He worked hard for the Swedish national team, so I’ve known him for many years. Baryard-Johnsson says this is extremely distressing.

Did it affect your Olympic preparations?

“I’m in the bubble right now, and of course that’s very sad, but it doesn’t affect the brain of the competition,” says Baryard-Johnsson.

All before the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

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