Wednesday , January 27 2021

NA delivers live – here is the only piece after the assassination attempt in Kumla: "Probably the way to escape"

As a man who was seriously wounded in Malla's school in Kumla, at 25 years old, just before midnight on Wednesday. According to the police, at least nine knives should be the blade sculler with the shovel.

Did you find the knife?

U I don't want to participate in it, Tommy said Tommy Lindh, Press Officer at Bergslagen Police.

The injured man was taken to the standardization and is now being cared for because of his injuries.

. He was seriously injured, but the situation was stable throughout the morning, Tommy said Tommy Lindh.

The incident was classified as attempted murder. Now the police are dependent on testimony from the public to continue the investigation.

A polishund got up a trail on the ground – could give a clue as to how a suspect can move.

Acak It will be the answer that the dog has a escape from the school of Malmen and a escape to a nearby preschool.

Police blocked the school on Wednesday morning by a larger area in the form of an external locking. There was also a barrier against the scene of the suspected incident.

"This is because you can do the technical survey," says Tommy Lindh.

Is the wounded man known by the police before?

– I do not know.

Police are looking for witnesses at Malmen school on Wednesday night. The injured man must also be heard by the police.

. First we do this first, but we are also interested in observations, Tommy said Tommy Lindh.

According to police, no guilty were detained on Wednesday morning at 07:30.

School children coming Today announced the management of the Malmen School to go as usual.

"Yes, however, part of the schoolyard will be allowed to enter the staff entrance," says Jimmy Nordengren, the school's principal, in NA.

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