Thursday , May 19 2022

Liberals have their own Skåne Rebellion


The Liberals have their own Skåne Rebellion. Nine prominent L politicians demand that the party's parliamentary group and party leader, Jan Björklund, openly say "no" to Stefan Löfven as prime minister. "We want to make it clear that we are not releasing or disagreeing a social-democratic government," said Torkild Strandberg (L), head of the town council of Landskrona. Said.

Torkild Strandberg (L), Head of Landskrona, is one of nine Nordic L politicians who want the party leadership to say no to Stefan Löfven. Stock Photosformal: JONAS EXTRASER

"There are some uncertainties about this, and uncertainty has grown considerably since we voted no to Ulf Kristersson as a party." Said.

Earlier this week, the Liberals in Skåne held a board meeting with the party council requesting that the party not support a social democratic government. The letter will be discussed by the party district on Monday.

Biz If it is impossible to establish an Alliance government, which we have promised our voters will take action, the Liberals should refrain from joining the government.

In a discussion article in Dagens Industri, Skåne's local politicians, the Liberals and the Social Democrats, have raised many political issues that they consider far from accepting.

This applies to, among other things, the lifting of independent schools, the high tax burden on the labor force, a so-called family week proposal of the Social Democrats, housing policy, support for people with disabilities (LSS), general wages and workers migration.

”When we review political issues, it is clear that the Social Democrats and Stefan Löfven cannot become partners to the Liberals Dem.

Jan Björklund made an interview with TV 4 on Saturday morning and made it clear that the question of the Liberals should be within a government led by Stefan Löfven, not "on the table". If it were, the liberals should allow the party councils to take a position. According to Torkild Strandberg, this is not enough.

– If a party council is called, it recommends that the problem is on the table and that the party's leadership should authorize it to do so.

This is not a period in which the Skåne Alliance politicians clearly contradict the party leaders. The moderators had an idea about the cooperation with SD, but this is not the case with Skåneliberalen, but Torkild underlines Strandberg.

"We didn't think of this question in general, and I think there are different opinions within the group that writes both our party and the article.

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