Tuesday , July 27 2021

Kristersson Going Into Tile – News

Speaker Andreas Norlén suggested Ulf Kristersson as prime minister. On Wednesday, Riksdag will have a vote and will take a sharp stance on the initiative to implement the new government.

Ulf Kristersson is then likely to be the first prime minister nominee in modern times not approved by Riksdag.

This time I chose to stand up despite the risk of not being tolerated. We should try the right options and try it right, "says Kristersson.

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KD leader Ebba Busch Thor criticizes C and L to vote for the bourgeois prime minister.

He would have chosen to form a government with the whole Alliance, but only Christian Democrats said yes. The Central and Liberals do not want to enter a government that has become dependent on Swedish Democrats to overcome their policies.

No votes

For the same reason, the Liberals will vote in the Prime Minister's vote. And Annie Lööf, center leader, said her party was unlikely to change its former vote.

I recorded the media message, Wednesday will be the right message, says Kristersson.

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Today, Speaker Andreas Norlén (left) as prime minister proposed moderate leader Ulf Kristersson. Stock Photography.

If C and L vote as they say, Kristersson can't be chosen. Red-green votes against him, with 195 votes. He cannot vote more than 175 against himself to be elected.

The crack in the Alliance is expanding further. KD leader Ebba Busch Thor is critical for Alliance colleagues.

If a bourgeois party wants to vote against a bourgeois prime minister, then history goes. Ebba Busch Thor, it's been 40 years since the Moderators voted against the government of Ola Ullsten, then the government.

Disables MP options

Kristersson once again rejects the government alternative with the Alliance and the Environment Party, as C and L wishes to investigate further. It says that such a government will demand the blessing of the Social Democrats.

I think it would be bad for Swedish democracy if the only goal would be a new deal in December, "says Kristersson.

As both me and the deputies themselves point out, the constellation of government discussed in this context does not reach up to 175 points. Mathematics does not only support such a government

Kristersson said he could re-appoint the prime minister after he was pulled down on wednesday.

I will be with all Alliance programs until I have a new government or a new election.

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