Thursday , August 5 2021

Kennelhosta is worse than normal – P4 Stockholm

In fact, it is the collective name of several different viruses or bacteria. Kennel cough can explode at any time of the year. But it's worse than many years in the Stockholm area right now.

. I've been working here for eleven years and I've never been to this much talk about just kennelhosta, m Yen Dahlgren said, gathering a lot, all at once.

Kennelhosta makes his dog Take the cough attacks, feel like they have something in their throat and cause them to vomit. In some cases, the dog may have fever and pneumonia.

Through direct contact, or if dogs share, for example, bowls of food they infect, they cannot affect other animals or people.

Most of the time dogs are associated with exhibitions or other situations, for example, when they meet in the playgrounds or the days of the dog spreading the infection.

. We have a lot of people at home and get sick, sayı says Josefine Malmström, Danderyd's Vice President of Dog Day.

He tells the sick dogs He was immediately removed and allowed to sit in a hospital waiting to be taken.

"Now we have to clean the dishes carefully, now we have kennelhostatids, we change the diapers and let the dogs go to their roommates so that they don't spread to the room." Yeah, these things.

No number How many dogs are affected by kennelhosta. If it does not affect the general condition of the dog, that is, it continues to eat, and as usual, the coordination will be heard and no veterinarian will ask. In the Stockholm area, however, this year's infection has been more common for several years and is even more serious, says Yen Dahlgren.

Dan A kind of virus that is currently developing is less challenging than in previous years. They are not generally affected. Now in autumn, we have received some cases in which they were appropriately taken and sick.

It is possible to vaccinate the dog It is often a necessity to reach Kennelhosta against some viruses and bacteria as an entrance and on the day of the dog. But there is no guarantee that the dog may still be affected.

The problem is now marked by an increase in the Stockholm area, at the same time in northern Värmland and in the center of Uppland. In many other places, the level is normal. In Halland, the unusual small dog cough.

Although It's really very hard for the dog, it is usually a harmless disease for the dog, "says Thorin, veterinarian Johan Rosberg.

– They cough, but they often go through the worst stage and heal again. However, there is a risk of receiving secondary infections with pneumonia and feeling bad. However, uncomplicated kennel cough is quite harmless.

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