Friday , July 30 2021

Kalmar doubles security while chasing AIK SM Gold

Kalmar FF is preparing for a football festival where AIK is visiting the last Swedish team.

The Golden Bird arena was sold to the last ticket when AIK played for SM gold.

"It is so much fun to be a part of such a football festival in Kalmar and live here. Perhaps this is the biggest match we played here on the Golden Bird. club manager Mattias Rosenlund.

You can break the record of 11,911 spectators against Malmö FF 2014, one of Kalmar FF's hopes.

For this reason, you can call the card holders who do not intend to announce this in order for the club to sell any extra tickets on Sunday.

– They'il be available on the match day. We can do this in this case, but there is no single ticket to buy at this time.

"60-60% AIK:"

Exactly how many AIK supporters to find in Kalmar is hard to predict. 3200 tickets to AIK supporters were sold in 30 minutes.

– Then we sold tickets in some sections, because we want to keep AIK fans in one direction and the KFF supporters on the other side as far away as possible. But I had more than 100 meters of tail here and I felt that the queue sent by relatives of relatives who wanted to see the matches was too much.

Mattias Rosenlund also predicts that AIK supporters will be in the majority in the Golden Bird Arena.

Or Probably 60-40 AIKs, “he says.

High-risk match: "Everything twice"

The match preparation from the organizer club was characterized by a rigorous safety study.

The match was classified as a high-risk match, and Kalmar FF's top security personnel was the match.

– Marjla. Well maintained and a little more.

"From the south, Malmö, Kalmar, and also from Stockholm, there are a lot of policemen, too many order guards, very public landlords. We were really upgraded to make everyone feel safe here.

"We have also increased the height of health services, fire services and evacuation routes.

Call: thunderstorm

When Malmö FF provided SM gold in Norrköping last year, many fans joined the plan after the last signal and burned the site lawns among other things.

There is a risk that the supporters of the RAF will now launch the plan.

– We expect it to be gold. So it's about securing all officials and actors, "he says, but calls on everyone to exclude.

I Jumping into the arena is illegal and they see the consequences. It'il be filmed. We have fixed and moving cameras to capture the entire event. Then what they want to do with the police.

"This will be a people's party"

Kalmar & # 39; s club manager knows the security arrangement very well in advance and expects a football festival as the end of the season.

"I feel great security with the police, AIK and what we do together. I'm not worried at all, you never know what it might be. It will be a popular festival we want to settle in. That's great.

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