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Johaug returned after 937 days: "Tense"

Therese will be 937 days of Johaug's last race on Friday.

– He'il be really nervous. We talked a bit about it, says Koç Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass at NTB.

On Friday, according to NTB news agency estimate, 937 days, almost 134 weeks and 22 488 hours have passed since Therese Johaug was finally competing in the snow. According to the coach Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass, the longing for return is rough. He just wants to compete.

Zor For other practitioners, this process is hard to understand for Therese. It was prepared to come earlier, but the break was extended. Mikkelsplass says it's a pretty hard psychic, but it's strengthened through it.

"It will work"

Comebacken has surpassed the classic style in Beitostølen, ten kilometers. Koç is aware that he is not standing in the winter and that he depends on the race, but he thinks it is important that he knows the press for the first time in a long time.

– He can handle it, but it's nice to get it done. Very pleased but will also be very nervous. We talked a little about it. Irritability helps you do what you have to do, "says Mikkelsplass.

The fact that Therese Johaug didn't compete in the snow for a long time did not stop him from stretching his muscles to his opponents. For a long time, something has been wiped out and wondered about what a 30-year-old superform is.

In August, he finished two-legged Charlotte Kalla in roller skates on the upright Lysebotn Opp.

. It's scary to hear about 1.47, u says Charlotte Kalla.

Expert believes in Johaug

Ski expert Mathias Fredriksson believes in Johaug this winter.

Im He's gonna play a big part in the winter, I'm sure. I think when Therese was extraordinary, she could have been better than before she closed. You can go as fast as you can. It's becoming mentally important, and I think he's lucky to come out, sanırım says Fredriksson, Expressen.

Johaug's last skiing card, which earned FIS scores, won two championships at the 2015 champion Beitostølen in the Norwegian championship. A few weeks later, he won the Skarver network. In October of the same year, Clostebol said she was positive in the doping test after using a cream on a burnt on the lips.

Background: Johaugfallet

In September 2016, Therese Johaug takes her ointment by the national team doctor Fredrik S Bendiksen to treat her broken-eyed lips at a high-altitude camp in Italy. After a few weeks he walks in a doping test for anabolic steroid closure.

In October, Johaug shuts down during the investigation and in February 2017, Norway's sporting federation decides it will be 13 months. The International Ski Federation (FIS) case will refer to the Athletics Court of Arbitration, which Jograug deprived of the operating system in Pyeongchang, which will extend the suspension period in August 2017 up to 18 months.

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