Thursday , August 11 2022

Janne Andersson praises Alexander Isak: “Best in the arena”


Alexander Isak was decisive when Sweden decided to qualify for the World Cup against Greece in the second half.

He took a nice 2-0 lead after the ball from the goalkeeper Robin Olsen after Emil Forsberg’s penalty was sent first.

National team captain Janne Andersson, at least, was pleased with the striker’s effort.

Alex Isak has a personal lead. It’s fun to see him on your team. He was the best in the arena in the big competition with the audience. The audience was great at the press conference he held after the match.

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Alexander Isak at the press conference after the game. Photograph: Bildbyran / SVT

Andersson doesn’t want to speculate on how he’ll go without 22-year-old Isak on the team, but admits he’s very important.

Of course he has decisive qualities and of course he does direct decisive things.

The Greek national team captain was also impressed by Isaac.

It was decisive in the second half. He says he is very talented and a good actor.

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