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Ipad Pro 2018 test – Apple released best

Test: World's Best Ipad – But Still Only One Ipad

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

As a desk top, Apple's iPad Pro has always been good. But can you change a laptop?

The new Ipad Pro is really the best – but what's with all these powers? He asks Techno's technical expert.

Apple has currently produced Ipads for more than eight years, but special Pro models just debuted three years ago. In later years, they were aggressively promoting two types of Ipad against two different audiences: one for family mice on the couch and one for professional users.

The usual variant is low enough to compete with your Android competitors and can be just enough to keep your stones looking like the best tablet for you.

Pro Series, on the other hand, is quite different. Since the first model 2015, Apple has liked the Ipad Pro to be viewed as a work tool that can compete with laptops, and you can have only a Netflix screen.

This year's iPad Pro draws this strategy as much as it does. You probably have a strange luxury starting from scratching and scratching, and with a price tag of over $ 22,000, Apple has clearly stated that they want to challenge without the complete blood laptops of iOS and Android tablets.

But is it more hardware than ever before, or does it still feel like an "Ipad"?

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The edges have become thinner and the new Ipad Pro is now the same size as an A4 paper.

Fantastic screen

The 2018 version of Ipad Pro has the largest design change we've seen on previous Apple models. And the product really says a lot when it has a big screen with just the edges.

The new 11-inch, 10.5-inch display preserved the same overall size as the onboard pioneer. The 12.9-inch has the same screen size as last year's model, but with smaller, narrower edges it has a smaller design.

The 12.9 inch was now about the size of an A4 paper and was noticeably thinner than the previous model.

Apple has preserved the same display technology as our pioneer with a 120 Hz refresh rate for silky motion and animations and a color accuracy that others can measure.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The new Ipad Pro's screen has rounded edges.

Rounded edges

Apple is also calling this screen for the "Liquid Retina Display", as well as the Iphone Xr, which is the hard way to round the edges of the screen. This is achieved by masking each pixel individually to suppress the brightness in the corners, and the corners must be completely rounded using software-based edge equalization.

In practice, Iphone Xs and Xs Max looks as good as they are on the round edged OLED panels as they use.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

12.9 inches is 15 percent thinner than before. It is noticeable.

Design from top shelf

The edges of the Ipad Pro are flat, almost sharp, and combined with the gray space of our test sample, it gives us almost relentless associations.

Since the frames have been minimized and are now uniformly around the entire screen, the main button has disappeared. As we know from Iphone. A face scanner hidden in the top of the iPad to unlock the tablet, the Apple ID sensor of Apple works very well.

In the same area, there is a light sensor that the table uses to detect color tones and ambient light around you to customize a standard 8-megapixel front camera.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The camera in the Ipad Pro is quite far away, but surprisingly, the plate can still stand on the table.

The rear side is completely flat, only cut by a thick camera cushion in the upper corner. Apple used the same camera as last year's Ipad Pro, but at least you're taking advantage of the new Iphone from Apple's new image processor.

Despite the big camera center, Ipaden is looking at the table happily.

At the top of the surfboard are two speakers and two speakers at the bottom, and the stereo sound is adjusted according to the direction in which you hold the Ipad. The sound of the sound is surprisingly high, even at 11 inches, but if you're really interested in the sound, it's a 12.9-inch feature with the best speakers.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

Apple's smart keyboard connects with three connectors on the back of the Ipad Pro.

The 2018 edition of Ipad Pro is also equipped with five microphones that adapt your Ipad to record stereo sound.

When we still make a sound: Apple has removed the headphone jack in both Ipad Pro models of this year. As with this year's Iphone models, they could not send an adapter.

You should either buy separately, or use the wireless headset. It is quite annoying for something that is marketed as a pro product, especially for musicians.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

Here's what the usual Wifi version of Ipad Pro 12.9 looks like.

Another, more positive thing, is that Apple has chosen to leave the Lightning connector at the same explosion for the benefit of USB C. This is the same type of contact where the company's Macbook is equipped, and thus a number of other laptops on the market.

This allows the connection of a number of different accessories, such as a mobile charger, and charges the mobile phone from Ipad. However, you cannot connect an external hard drive – iOS 12 doesn't want to know. The only thing he wants to import is photos and videos, not only memory cards and only Apple's own Photos app.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

If you try to install an external hard drive, how to respond to the new Ipad Pro.

Excessive force

During the launch of Ipad Pro, Apple announced that their new tablets are performing better than 90 percent of laptops on the market. With a brand new A12X Bionic processor, it offers more processing power than twice the graphics performance of the previous model. We thought the premise was fast, so what more can we get here?

Well, we've started running several performance tests and actually turned into Ipad Pro too quickly that the best machine.

In pure processor performance, it jumps over the previous model and can handle it better than the company's own 2018 model Macbook Pro. Geekbench 4 measures both single-core performance and multiple cores simultaneously, and the results are striking in both tests.

1.2 | Photo: Tek.no

Multi-core performance measurement with Geekbench 4.

The eight-core A12X Bionic processor is able to invite you to an extremely high performance. To see if heat generation will dampen test results, we run the test several times right after each other, but after five tests, we saw the same impressive results. It is the least impressive to be the processor chip produced for the tablet without cooling in the form of fans or dedicated air vents.

With regard to battery life, Apple will provide a battery life of between 9 and 10 hours. The battery is full of 9720 mAh and practically possible to keep the plate as long as Apple promises. If you play too much, or if you only play heavy videos and reduce battery life by 4-5 hours, it will take ten hours for normal or easy use.

Little Sparrow

The big question is what to do with all this power when the product is still running a product that is almost scaled up in a mobile operating system.

It should be noted that Apple has made a big deal with the Ipad's operating system in recent years, and iOS 12 is much more flexible and convenient to be multitasking than a few years ago.

Ipad Pro is also using finger gestures that we know from the new Iphone models: swipe up from the bottom to close an app. To get an overview of all active applications, swipe up from the bottom or slide a little higher from the bottom to get the dock.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The lightning input is changed to USB C.

Sweeping at the bottom of the screen allows you to swap between applications quickly. There are classic finger gestures that you can switch between the four-finger application or you can close with five, but it's almost unnecessary.

You can run multiple applications at the same time in several different ways at the same time. Directly next to each other or in other applications. It works pretty well when you get used to it.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts such as command tabs to switch between apps and cmd-space to search if the apple's expensive keyboard fits in at $ 2,349.

There is no doubt that Ipad Pro works well for special cases. For example, if you are an illustrator, there are a number of great cartoon pads for Ipad – whether it be Procreate or Adobe's many options. Along with Apple's new pencil, Apple Pencil has a good-looking combo.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The third generation Ipad Pro has a fresh design.

Apple has finally rejected the miserable charging method of the last pen and was recharged wirelessly when you inserted the pen into Ipad. Therefore, you don't have to worry about losing the pen, and you don't have to worry about power running out.

It also has a flat long edge for better grip and you can double tap 2/5 of the pen to switch to the eraser (or something else if you want).

Overall this works incredibly well. The Ipad Pros 120hz display alone makes it one of the best options for an illustrator because it has almost zero lag between a pen shown and the place where the stylus appears. Understanding should be experienced almost.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The new Apple Pen is happy to use at a very high cost.

Keep in mind that you can't use your old Apple Pen on the new Ipad Pro, and you won't be able to use the new product in an old Ipad Pro or this year's standard Ipad. If you want to sign, you should go to another place with 1.495 crowns.

However, other types of work with Ipad Pro are often more difficult than you did on a computer. It's that simple. Usually with Ipaden – one way or another way – you can get, but with a computer would be faster and easier.

You can edit images, but they may not be the same as those on the computer. You can edit videos (and probably work much faster than your computer!), But you still need to use a fairly limited software like Apple's Imovie or Adobe Rush.

Photo: Niklas Plikk / Tek.no

The keyboard also works well, but must be purchased separately.

I asked Apple if they had plans to privatize Final Cut, the professional option of Ipad Pro, but they wouldn't comment. Of course.

With both text and images, you can write documents or present presentations, but the operating system makes it more difficult than a mouse. The list can be made long.

Can you work on an Ipad Pro? Maybe. Will it be faster and better on a computer? Always yes.

Result – No backup for computer

The hardware itself is a masterpiece, so it's easy to enjoy the 2018 version of Ipad Pro. It looks more lekker than wire mesh and previous Ipad, and the raw power that Apple was able to squeeze in such a small format is simply impressive.

The big screen is brilliant and flashy, the menus, games and movies look great.

The only and giant thing that makes Ipad Pro a backup for your laptop: the operating system. And as an extension of it, the application offer is very narrow and limited. Although the ipad has improved over the years for the ipad, there are still too many limitations compared to macos or windows.

Put Apple's Ipad Pro in the same category as most laptops with prices starting from $ 9,695 for the cheapest and the smallest Ipad Pro, and with prices ranging from $ 12,9-inch to $ 22,495 in 4G connectivity and 1TB storage.

Just a little early. You can do a bit with an Ipad Pro, sometimes you can do more with Ipad Pro than a computer, but still just an Ipad.

We know that Apple has made some important changes to iOS 13, because with a suitable software, Ipad Pro can be an extremely exciting working machine. Currently, only an extremely good Ipad.

Apple Ipad Pro gets 8/10 points from the 12.9 "64GB 3rd Generation technology site TechnoHe did this and published the test first.

Ipad Pro 3rd Generation Advantages:


  • iOS 12 is not suitable for a job machine

  • Limited application offer

  • Certainly limit what you can connect to the USB connector

  • Again, headphone jack

  • The pen and keyboard must be purchased separately (and very costly)

  • Svindy is

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