Monday , March 8 2021

I liked the third time – Lisa Ajax Mello 2019

Today the artists of Melodifestival 2019 were released and Järfälladottern Lisa Ajax was among those selected.

The Idol winner will be the third time for Lisa Ajax. Previously Melodifestivalen competed in 2016 and 2017 double finals.

His contribution to the melody festival in 2019 is considered to be the strongest contribution of Torna and Robert Olausson, of whom Lisa has worked on since he won Idol.

– Yeah, I gotta tell you what I said. DSomeone says it's fun to get this chance again, Mitt i.

Lisa is in the middle of a series of shows with Christmas gift at the seaside in Pite havbad on Piteå in Christmas. Oscar Zia, Markoolio, his show with Ace Wilder and Chris Kläfford.

Melodifestival's first race in Gothenburg will take place on February 2 and Lisa Ajax will compete in a four-part competition in Lidköping on February 23rd.

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