Friday , May 20 2022

Hollywood success "Crazy Rich Asians" is not going to cinemas in Sweden – P4 to Culture


The film m Crazy Rich Asians 39 has turned into a larger audience than the film company expected this summer, but it is not allowed to be biopremium in Sweden.

The romantic comedy, only East Asian gossip and actors, is a young female professor who will be at her best friend's wedding in Singapore. And he wants to let him see his family. The family proves to be one of the richest in East Asia – a classic Hollywood record.

But the American film company, Warner Brothers, decided not to let the film go to the movies in Sweden. Patrik Lundberg, writer and columnist of Aftonbladet with Korean roots, believes that the media image of the East-60s shows how he looks in Sweden.

"I can't even get disappointed, because I thought it would be, but when the market forces and critics raise this film, the only thing that is different from a strange, common feeling is that everyone is asian, Patrik Lundberg says.

He thinks that Swedish media have overlooked what young people do not, at least not in South Korean music and drama, but in what country he follows a large number of Asian cultures.

The Swedish film distributor indicates that it is a decision taken by the American company and should be related to it. Culturnytt in P4 didn't take any reason why Warner Brosse would choose not to let the film go to cinema in Sweden.

The film can be rented and purchased on DVD in December and February.

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