Friday , August 12 2022

Here's Samsung's Folding Mobile Phone


The Samung's folded mobile phone consists of an external display and a significantly larger display, and an upgraded display is 7.3 inches wide. During the presentation, the prototype of the phone where the design was masked in detail was given. I mean, it was a pretty awkward phone we had to see. The function has already appeared. All phone features are available from the external display, and when you switch on the phone, the application you are using on the external display is ready for use on the larger screen.

Various challenges

To be successful in making this phone, Samsung stressed that it has overcome some technical difficulties. The display is called the Infinity Flex Display and, in addition to the foldable display, there are long-term plans on flexible and extendable fold-out screens and displays.

In order to make Samsung's screen thinner and other materials used, the folded screen can also fix the bearings, but it also shows that all layers are moving and thus flexible. The displayed device quickly showed the crowd, but the image quality looked good.

Mass production in the coming months

During the presentation, progress was made to make sure that the bendable screen is not just a trick, but that the screen is in the hands of the customer. Samsung has promised that "in the coming months" it will be ready for mass production once.

Custom interface

Samsung's inner mind is the inside mind, you can use multiple applications at the same time, you do not switch between different applications without using different applications side by side. First, he mentioned that all features can be used on an external small screen, but when you open the phone, the application you are using on the external display is active on the larger folding screen. In addition to being able to use the entire surface of the built-in screen for full screen reading or movie, you can divide the screen into three applications that run in parallel.

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