Monday , September 26 2022

Held Death HV Supporter – Close to All Season


The LHC supporters linked to a match in Linköping earlier in the fall, when they held a strip of text labeled "play accident". This summer, an HV supporter died after a mc crash and commented that HV71 pro-Northbanks directed the text itself.

"There were a few friends in the place where they were taken very badly. I was also very upset, it was awful to see," said Linus Josefsson, who later became a member of Northbanks.

by Corran The two LHC fans were first suspended as members of the Linköping Club, White Lions & # 39; s all season, and the LHC and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association have now made the same decision.

All live hockey

The newspaper, fans SHL, SDHL, Tottenham, all national and all the matches of all matches, next year, the fall will be done until the premiere writes.

– They've damaged the LHC brand, but they understand they're wrong. If they do not violate our agreement, we want them to return to our matches again in the future. We hope this will mean that we have a closer relationship with the White Lions. It is important that we have the same opinion, "said LHC Security Officer Pierre Petersson, Corren.

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