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Hajpad electric car purchased without test drive

Forget testing, delete price information and fixed delivery time. Tesla's new Model 3 may be able to pay 10,000 SEK in advance, but the cost of the vehicle is uncertain when it arrives. Still, people in Sweden are next.

Tesla released the new Model 3 in Sweden for the first time on Wednesday.formal: Thommy Tengborg / TT

So far, 450,000 people in the world have signed up for the new Teslan, but few people in Sweden don't want to tell the company. To date, Tesla cars have been sold to the rich who can add a million kroner to the technology-oriented environmental consciousness. Now is the time for larger populations.

Tibor Blomhäll is one of the devotees who have reserved Model 3 as far as possible to see it in reality.

"He probably thinks the same as kittens:" You're not smart! "But I think it's a wise investment. It says it's the future of electric cars.

It was the first time he saw his car on Wednesday morning before killing Teslabutiken, among thirty other enthusiasts.

"Now I've actually seen the car. Tibor Blomhäll says it was worth the wait.

The award has not yet taken place in the Swedish market, says Tesla of Maria Lantz in Sweden. In the US, however, the car will cost $ 319 thousand, equivalent to $ 35,000.

Just until the beginning of the year, Model 3 will remain open in Sweden. However, the car reserver can store 10,000 SEK at the cost of the reservation.

– Taxes and VAT rates are different, so we can't tell you how much it will cost here. But if you don't take the car, then you get them back, it's a deal, maz says Maria Lantz.

Tesla does not allow any customer testing to continue driving in Sweden.

Those who are members of a new Model 3 may also have patience. Cars are only being sent in Europe next year and later after the purchase. It can take up to 18 months before buying a new car.

Tesla describes it as a iddia mission-driven motor company that claims to combine environmental factors with motorism. According to Maria Lantz, it's a whole new way of driving a car and trying to drive a future concept.

"A brand new technology, cars are connected at night and up to date. Cars are diagnosed and can even be repaired with updates.

It compares cars with mobile phones, which may be new after the night update. But a car is not a phone – it should have steering wheels and wheels and can be rolled on roads.

Or Of course repairs are not valid for hardware, “he says. However, Teslas Mobile Service can provide service to customers wherever they are.

TT: Is Tesla more than a car model?

– No, 450,000 reserved cars, they made 325,000 in the first week. Tesla pleased the customers.

The question is who is the typical Teslakund. Those who bought before the launch, only middle-aged men, self-adhesive persons in front of the phone.

. There are many women interested in Tesla, and there are many Norrland you drive too much and want to drive without emission,. Says Maria Lantz.


So far in Sweden 5,000

Tesla launched Model X 2014 and Model S 2016. In Sweden, so far, these models have a total of 5000 cars. They are expensive, the Model S cost is 900,000 SEK.

Model 3 is slightly smaller than Tesla 30 centimeters shorter than Model 3. Available in different battery designs ranging from 35 to 49 miles.

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