Friday , July 30 2021

Great interest in the pony competition in Grevagården

According to Matilda Hoffstedt, there was a very successful youth event. He says he's a pony rider when he was little.

– I took a break while I was waiting for the kids. Matilda didn't last long until my daughter started driving when she was seven, and she asked me to start driving.

He calls himself back for the returnees.

Uk This pony chip is a niche after Skultorp's struggle with the economy of the driver community.

The result was the Skultorps Pony Cup according to the same concept, but turned to light classes.

Lar Winners receive price roses and horses, and of course they run before.

Created in collaboration with the pony contest Grevagårdens horsportcenter.

– Those are the ones that are absolutely wonderful.

Participants had come from all over West Sweden. The longest way to compete in Skövde came from Umeå.

And on Saturday it was done for the Swedish ponies.

Three teams went on to join the semi-finals in Scandinavia at the Gothenburg Horse Show, Matilda Hoffstedt, we won 50 competitions, would be wrong on the track and have the best possible impact.

Half of Skultorp's riding club was on a weekend mission, a total of hundreds of people were set up and had a full day.

. It really looks like we've met this arrangement. Asal It was the first time we received it last year, and when we received the first notifications this year, hundreds of people took just a few minutes to sign up.

Competition leader Matilda Hoffstedt also notes that the home team went well on the weekend.

"We had a sixth place in the first place placement, the second place and the home club, it was so cool.

Ella Lindegård, who took the first place, was Linnea Green in second place and Elina Jungåker in second place.

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