Tuesday , March 2 2021

GM cuts six models

General Motors plans to close seven factories and reduce staff to 10 percent.

Measures mean that when the Americans want suvar and electric cars, six models go to the grave.

US President Donald Trump is outraged by the message.

Financial reality finally hit General Motors (GM), which fought both against rising costs and the demand for traditional gasoline sedan cars.

According to CNN, savings mean the end of five: Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6 and XTS and Chevrolet Cruze and Impala. But the Chevrolet Volt falls into the Charge Hybrid car.

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One of the employees at the GM plant in Oshawa, Canada, is reacting to the shutdown message.

According to US evaluators, combustion engine customers now want to buy suvar and pickup. The victory of Tesla's clean electric cars has reduced the brightness of the hybrid.

USA The only thing that surprises me is the Volt, but from what I understand, 39 said Mike Ramsey, shipping analyst at Gartner, USA Today.

"We really have to run the line, what they really say, half an hour doesn't work.

GM will save 54 billion

And while the company misses about 15,000 jobs in North America, staff with special skills will be recruited, writes Reuters. They learn the skills of electric vehicles and self-propelled vehicles.

Compression is fully recovered from 2020-2021, saving $ 6 billion a year and will be equivalent to SEK 54 billion.

GM gives a few of Donald Trump's messages in his messages. Among other things, steel tariffs mean that the company lost only a billion dollars this year.

In the first phase, a plant in the United States and Canada will be closed next year: Hamtramck in Lordstown, Michigan in Ohio and Oshawa in Canada. In addition, the two factories in Baltimore and Warren will no longer have any product after 2019, and therefore will not be closed according to GM. In addition, two factories outside North America will be shut down, but it is unclear.

Donald Trump rages against the message

But this is bad news for the US president. He pledged that his policies would accelerate traditional industries in the states where they are now hit by Ohio and Michigan.

He responds to a message stating that the GM's auto production in China should be stopped in the US instead. This is despite the fact that the company now sells more cars in China.

The president also said during a phone call with CEO Mary Barra that GM should make new efforts to fulfill Ohio's loss.

“We should open a new factory,’ the Wall Street Journal told Trump.

– I love Ohio. I told them they gave up the wrong person.

Stock immediately rose

According to GM, the closing in Oshawa means that almost 3,000 people are unemployed. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau writes that he is in contact with Mary Barra to convey his ı deep disappointment ra in Twitter.

"The GM workers were part of the heart and soul of Oshawa for generations – and we'll do everything we can to help families affected by the message," Trudeau said.

After the dramatic news day, GM's share closed five percent on the New York Stock Exchange.

Ironically, Tesla rose slightly more than six percent. Although the car company produced fewer vehicles than GM, most of the US car manufacturers evaluated the stock market: GM had a market value of $ 53 billion and Teslas had over 59 billion.

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