Thursday , January 27 2022

Falkenberg decided to celebrate Dante after his disappearance.


12-year-old Dante is still missing.

Falkenberg is celebrating his celebration today after his match against Gais tomorrow.

"In this case football and celebrations are secondary," says John Björkengren.

Falkenberg was ready for the allsvenskan and it was the idea that the club should celebrate during the match against Gais tomorrow. But the disappearance of 12-year-old Dante led the club to prepare plans.

Son Sure, ü says Håkan Nilsson, sports director.

Nilsson would like to see the match against Gais next week.


"Now you can spend a lot of time on football with what's happening in Falkenberg, so we know it's the last round, and at least we know that our competitors and other teams may depend on our results.

"Ideally you don't want to play"

The parking lot outside of Falkenberg's arena was used as a meeting place for the Missing Persons and the club helped.

Many players, including John Björkengren, participated earlier in the week.

Or After training yesterday, we were three or four people, who felt we wanted to help who we were, “he says.

Björkengren also takes an intensive time on football.

– Football and celebrations are secondary in this case. Nevertheless, it is a life in question, and then there is nothing to talk about football and celebrations. To me, "he says,

"Ideally, you don't want to play with or without help, but as it is now. It's a must, and we should do this and focus on that time.

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