Friday , May 20 2022

Exquisite show: "My horse was better"


The playgrounds were divided into two camps in front of the third V75 section in Bjerke, Norway.

Should you go to Global Trustworthy or Lionel N.O.?

First, it would show up.

After a challenging entry, Probo O.P. He refused to leave the sulky leadership with Wilhelm Paal, and Jorma Kontio finally found a way to come to the fore.

"A Little Heavy Sound …"

At the shooting, the horse then made a big leap, which made it harder for a wild league Lionel N.O.

"It was a heroic endeavor. It would be understandable if he had been too tired, he would tell Jennifer Tillman in V75:

– Last time you pushed, there's still speed. It was incredibly beautiful. It will be exciting to see how Timo Nurmos now matches it.

Expert commentator Patrik Fernlund:

– A little Heavy Sound. A young horse is as good, then a little distant and now back. A big splash for a horse, says TV12.

"But mine was better …"

Winch Duck Wilhelm Paal was very satisfied with the victory and also gave a pass to Wilhelm Paal and Probo O.P.

"His horse was good too, but my horse was better," he says, laughing.

Generally Lionel running Göran Antonsen, despite the losses of the Norwegian star was satisfied with the efforts.

– She went too far, but the Kontio's horse was magnificent. I think Lionel was very nice today, says V75 Direct.

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