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Explosion explosion exploded in the center of Rosengårds – huge damage in the restaurant

Tuesday night exploded in a restaurant in the center of Rosengårds. The explosion in 23.56 was heard all over Malmö.

formal: Patrick Persson

Police and rescue services broke out with various sources of alarm, and soon it turned out to be a more powerful explosive charge.

Att It's a kind of place damaged by some kind of explosion. There's no one wounded. There was no one in the building, but the property was damaged, yok said Fredrik Bratt, a police force, shortly after the alarm.

According to the newspaper photographer, the building was heavily damaged against the Von Rosen road in the back and the pieces were thrown away. The roof panels and wooden parts, among other things, have reached the level of gravel level in line with the parking lots underneath the shopping center.

The police, which started the beginning of the joint destructive destruction, were blocked with a noticeable increase in the restaurant's surroundings. Hundreds of people gathered outside the obstacles to try to understand what was happening.

Shortly after 00: 30, Fredrik Bratt said, "We ordered forensics and personnel from the National Bomb Guards."

At 1:30, the police technicians were waiting for the site to be secured.

– We've had an explosion here, a very strong one. We've damaged the whole restaurant, and those found here are now bomb guards. They should look more dangerous. Then the forensic technicians come here and do the technical work, says the police officer Peter Ljungsryd.

It is difficult to tell how long the technical survey will last, but the police hopes to release and prepare the locks before the morning.

Any witnesses?

– I can't handle that.

Is there any threat to the restaurant or owner?

– It's not what we know right now. There shouldn't have been an event early in the day, "says Peter Ljungsryd.

The explosion was heard in a larger area in Malmö. In Triangeln, it was heard in Nobelvägen, Mellanheden, in Hermodsdal and as Bunkeflostrand in the south.

SOS alarm team leader Ola Nilsson, "a big peak in the 112 traffic," he says.

formal: Patrick Persson

formal: Patrick Persson

Parts from the building flew far from the explosion.formal: Patrick Persson

formal: Patrick Persson

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