Tuesday , September 28 2021

Everything you need to know about iOS 14.7

Earlier this week, Apple released a new software update for the iPhone. Here is everything you need to know about iOS 14.7.

Apple continues to fix bugs on mobile phones and improve the features of the Ios operating system. This week, the rollout of iOS 14.7 began. As always, security experts recommend that mobile users always upgrade to the latest version to avoid known vulnerabilities and bugs.

Here are the most important news on iOS 14.7:

Magsafe battery pack: Magsafe Battery pack support for all variants of iPhone 12. As part of this, the user can view Magsafe’s charge level via the Batteries widget on the home screen or the Today view.

Homepod: With iOS 14.7, you can manage clocks on Homepod in the Home app.

Air quality: Information on air quality is already available through the weather and map functions. The number of countries that have received this information is now being expanded to France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and South Korea.

Digital audio file: In the Podcasts app, you can now choose to watch all shows or watch only shows.

Elmakort: iOS 14.7 extends the Apple Card credit card sharing function. Now comes a feature that provides support for merging two Apple Cards so that two Apple Card holders can merge their accounts. The merge takes place in the Wallet app.

The bugs and bugs fixed according to the publication text published by Apple are as follows:

• A bug that could cause Dolby Atmos and Apple Music to unexpectedly stop playing audio

• Message that on some iPhone 11 models, battery service may have been lost after restarting

• A bug that caused the Braille display to show invalid information when writing email messages

• A bug that could cause the playlist sharing menu item to disappear in Apple Music

If you are wondering what will happen when iOS 15 comes out, you can watch Apple’s presentation here.

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