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Every day, 80 Swedish patients receive diabetes


Type 2 diabetic patients have a four-fold higher risk of heart attack, stroke and premature death than those without type 2 diabetes.

New research suggests that this risk can be eliminated if the patient receives the right treatment.

About half a million Swede lives with diabetes, 90% have type 2 diabetes. And the number is growing steadily, about 80 Swedish people are diagnosed by type 2 diabetes every day.

He showed that good blood sugar-lowering treatment began with fewer heart attacks and saved lives. Thanks to new research results, it is now possible to prevent the risk of recurrence of cardiovascular disease with proper treatment. The results are noteworthy recently (October 2018) with a consensus document from the European Diabetes Association (EASD) and the United States (ADA) to clarify and link the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sweden should now begin this treatment of type 2 diabetes. Swedish treatment guidelines have already been amended, but not allowed by the individual patient. Nonetheless, substances called SU formulations are used that cause severe blood sugar and weight gain and do not provide a documented protection for cardiovascular disease. In addition, the so-called DPP4 inhibitors provided careful protection against recurrence of cardiovascular events.

Between 2006 and 2014, the cost of illness in Sweden doubled for type 2 diabetes from 5.5 billion kroner to 11.6 billion kroner. One of the biggest reasons is the increase in complications and complications. The cost of diabetic drugs that can withstand complications has been stable for the entire period of 2006-2014.

Type 2 diabetes is a multifactorial disease, ie there are several factors involved in the development of the disease. The Swedish National Diabetes Registry, a study of the world's largest diabetic human registry, examines how early death is affected by five high-risk risk factors:

1. Long-term blood sugar (HbA1c)

2. Cholesterol levels

3. Blood pressure

4. egg whites in urine

5. Smoking

The more normal these risk factors are, the better. There is no risk of death or risk of cardiovascular disease for patients with type 2 diabetes but none of the risk factors!

This is not the critique of Swedish practitioners, they are as successful as they can in an economic and political system that does not benefit from the treatment of chronic complex diseases. But the truth is, if we treat the results of the study and Swedish and international guidelines, we take healthy diabetic patients.

Anders FridDiabetes researcher

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