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Ellinor Persson's fear speech – in tears in front of the camera

TV3 program "Peaks & valleys" – an adventure trip "Peter Jihde, journalist Artur Ringart," Paradise Hotel "profile Fanny Lyckeke and Ellinor Persson and his son Jordan Söderbom from east to west in the Swedish mountains Everyone outside Ellinor Persson suffers from diabetes, but since puberty As a mother of a sick child, illness even converged for her.

In the premiere, both he and Jordan Söderbom talk about a life-threatening incident about a week before filming.

Jordan Söderbom went on a trip to Sardinia with his girlfriend and father when something suddenly went wrong with his blood sugar levels.

– I saw your girlfriend call me in the morning a week ago. I think Jordan's because his phone's empty. I just heard "hello old" and then your girlfriend cries hysterically on the phone. And I just said, "What's wrong, what's wrong?" And he didn't get anything. Then I have time to think in the program “aha, that's what happens when you find out that your child is dead, El says Ellinor Persson.

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Five-day memory slot

The son describes how he accidentally took a double dose of insulin and was taken to hospital by ambulance. Once again, a confused Jordan Soderbom's girlfriend announced that it was time to go home. According to Jordan, he had just arrived in Italy.

It turned out that he had suffered as much memory loss as he had completely forgotten the last five days on the island. The memory door was full.

– If I was myself, I don't know what could have happened. To be completely honest with the program, I prefer not to think about it.

"I received an email from our editor"

For Express, Peter Jihde also mentions the message.

– I remember receiving an e-mail from our editor that says “Jordan was bad, he was in a hospital in Italy”. He's not sure he can. Will return with more information ”.

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Jihde directly called the editor himself and heard about the incident in Sardinia.

– Then he still chooses to come with us because he is looking forward to it and wants to join us. And I think it was too big.

In the program, Ellinor Persson said it wasn't the first time she was afraid for her son's life.

– Every time I get a phone like this, I think asla never again. God damn you in heaven, never heard of it again. ". My son was very close to dying several times, he says, with tears in his eyes.

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Peter Jihde: "It may be the last thing I do."

Peter Jihde also noted that the program, a charge for Diabetes Gala on World Diabetes Day on November 14, is a major and challenging challenge where blood glucose levels need to be kept at the right levels as participants go through challenging physical challenges such as rafting and rock climbing. He explains.

– It's hard to describe, but if you and my life are standing on a bowling alley and throwing the ball, you can enter your life with these grooves like your children. It doesn't matter how you behave for your body, it looks at your own blood sugar. And stay on the track. But when I'm gonna throw this sphere, I have to concentrate all the fucking time. If I go down the gutter, it may be the last thing I do.

"Peaks & Valleys – An Adventure Trip" premiere October 29, 20:00 Viaplay, TV3 and Viafree and is published in three parts.

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