Monday , November 23 2020

Doubling of soothing drug among young people – Pages

In 2006, 15 prescriptions per 1000 subjects were made of sedative and anxiolytic drugs for children and adolescents aged 10-19 years. In 2017, this figure dipped more than 37 recipes from the National Health and Welfare Board.

According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, drug addicts include both addictive drugs and non-addictive preparations such as benzodiazepines and hydroxyzine. But it is mainly increasing non-addictive preparations.

When the level of preparation is considered, it is seen that the drug responsible for the increase is hydroxyzine. In terms of benzodiazepines, they tend to decrease in use over time, "said Peter Salmi, a researcher in the National Board of Health.

The increase in the number of printed prescriptions is generally believed to be due to the increase in mental illness among children and adolescents.

Our comment is that there is a real increase in depression and anxiety situations, but there are factors such as having previously darker numbers or more usability right now, says Peter Salmi.

Håkan Jarbin, a general practitioner in the BUP clinic in Halland, believes that the growing acceptance of helping society with mental health problems is the main reason.

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