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Dives paused after Ljungby’s 17-year-old Mattias

At 01:15 on the night of December 5, 17-year-old Mattias Borg left a party in Ljungby without shoes, jackets or pocket phones.

After a moment, for an unknown reason, he came to a nearby villa, but left again.

17-year-old Mattias Borg from Ljungby has been missing for three months.

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The dives of the 17-year-old corpse in Lagan have now been paused until it warms up a bit in the water.


According to police spokesman Robert Loeffel, there is no longer any suspicion of guilt in the case.


Since then, the 17-year-old has disappeared without a trace. The police followed and searched the dogs and divers. The Armed Forces and hundreds of volunteers also helped.

I’ve been diving for a month

For over a month, the police had divers searching the bottom of Lagan – but with no results.

Divers have been under the surface for a total of 45 hours, according to P4 Radio Kronoberg, which first announced its decision to halt research.

Working conditions became difficult.

– The water is very cold. Divers says it freezes on rocks at a depth of twelve meters, but the current keeps the water clear, says Robert Loeffel.

The cold water made it difficult for special search dogs to find a possible body in Lagan. When it gets a little warm, the dogs have an increased chance of being worn out.

The investigation continues

Therefore, the investigation of the disappearance must continue.

Robert Loeffel: – We’ll shoot again with the dogs a little later, and then decide how to move forward, says Robert Loeffel.

Earlier this week, a preliminary investigation into the crime in Mattias Borg’s disappearance was dropped. The early classification of abduction was completely out of date.

– Robert Loeffel appeared in connection with someone of the relatives receiving a text message asking for money to let the 17-year-old boy know what happened.

– We analyzed the text message but could not find the sender with an unregistered prepaid card. However, we are convinced that this person had nothing to do with the disappearance.

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