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Dark comedy with Schyffert and Rheborg



Dark comedy with Schyffert and Rheborg

Three old friends and completely whiteboard – this is the starting point of the "Art" game to be played in Stockholm this spring. Roles were made by Johan Rheborg, Henrik Schyffert and Per Andersson, and director Sillén Edward.

The reason why people are so bad in communicating is that in the "Art" performance played by three former friends of Johan Rheborg, Per Andersson and Henrik Schyffert. Press photo.formal: Morgan Norman

Yasmina Rezas, an award-winning playwright, has performed in "Art," both in Broadway and in West End. In spring, a Swedish audience had the chance to see the humorous but at the same time thoughtful story of Rival in Stockholm. "Art" is about three men and a completely white board. Male friendship and inability to communicate properly are not foreign zones for Johan Rheborg and Henrik Schyffert.

"Also, we've encountered friendship for more than 20 years from Nile to & # 39; Ben & Gunnar. It's something that's repetitive. And now we're doing it again with Art. In a press release, Schyffert says: şöyle Why are men so bad at communicating?

One-third of the new "Grotesco" member, Per Andersson, seems very excited to play with others.

"I belonged to a gang that could be granted in the school yard, and now I can do something with real men." Ten years ago, I'd feel sorry for him. But now it was really fun, "he says.

"Art" will premiere on Rival in Stockholm on February 23 and will be played in spring 2019. Tickets will be released on November 8th.

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