Friday , November 27 2020

Damage may begin after three months – Sport –

The rule for men is that contracts can be terminated after 18 months of injury.

Last year, the English football ban FA changed the basic rules of contracts for women players in the Super League, something that all players in the eleven teams had to sign.

The new rules provide less protection for injured players.

This is disappointing. No player chooses to be injured. He said the contract was terrible and should be lifted, "said Maren Mjelde, a national team player who played in Chelsea.

Details of the new Super League contracts were found in the Football Leaks documents received by Reuters news agency.

Economic reasons

An FA spokesperson says that the rules of contract for women football players have been created from an economically sustainable perspective.

"It is different from the male professional football, which is better equipped and better equipped to meet the financial requirements that enable players to be exposed to long-term injuries." Said.

The British playboy was in favor of the PFA rules, but director Matthew Buck said that PFA recommended the FA to support the same rules as the male actors.

No payment after six months

Until May last year, there was no time limit for how long the club would pay for a wounded player's salary. The new rules state that the club must not be paid to injured players for more than six months. The default contract for Masters in Premier League has no time limit on how long the club will pay for an injured player, but after 18 months the salary can be reduced by half.

The annual average wage for a Premier League player is equal to 30.6 million for a Super League player 310,000.

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