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Corona deaths in Västra Götaland – new record number

On October 1, Sweden’s ban on visiting nursing homes was lifted. At that time, few believed in the new, massive covid-19 spread nationwide.

While those responsible saw that more older people were at risk of getting sick, the lessons learned from spring were also highlighted. Healthcare knew more about the virus and seniors could be better protected through new routines in aged care, among other things.

After a month and a half, the spread of infection began to increase in nursing homes in Västra Götaland.

– Thomas Wahlberg, infection control doctor in Västra Götaland on November 19, said that this development is not really good and it is unfortunate that this happens again.

He continued:

– So you should know that there are differences from this spring. On the one hand, you can now test and test in a completely different way and thus monitor for infection so that you can limit the spread of the infection. However, this shows that keeping the infection away from nursing homes is very difficult. Therefore, you should consider very carefully what you can do to prevent it from continuing like this.

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More deaths per week

In November, the death toll in Västra Götaland was still not close to the spring figures. Now they have become and worse. The spread of the infection among the most vulnerable of society could not be prevented.

The delay in reporting means the number of deaths in covid-19 will likely increase in statistics, but already the gloomy weekly record for spring 2020 has been broken three times during the winter months.

Week 52 – Christmas week – 125 deaths from the disease have been recorded so far. 102 people lost their lives in the region in the 19th week, the previous record week.

– If we have a very high infection spread in the community, it is very difficult to completely prevent it from infecting our nursing homes. But I think it would have been much worse if the municipalities had not fought so much in different ways, says infection control doctor Thomas Wahlberg.

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May be dark figures this spring

For spring testing, seniors in nursing homes had relatively high priority. At the same time, it is a fact that the test capacity in the society has increased even more.

The number of cases detected among the elderly is now slightly higher, and it still appears that the majority of those who died in covid-19 are over 70.

Is the spread of the infection among the elderly worse in the second wave than in the first wave?

– It is very difficult as it is very difficult to compare Because we are testing more than the capacity and opportunity we have this spring and are watching more of the infection. This means there may be quite a few sick people this spring that you don’t know about.

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Spread of infection affects nursing homes

Thomas Wahlberg continues to point out that the preparations are better. Protective equipment, care hygiene routines and working methods should do their part in elderly care.

However, 679 people in Västra Götaland have been recorded as dying on covid-19 since All Saints’ Week.

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– Of course you need to analyze again, look and compare with what it looks like now this spring. It is clear that you have to follow this and look at it, he says and says:

– This shows how important it is to social spread and tackle this epidemic.

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