Tuesday , March 2 2021

Car prison continued in the notification and fled

Police searched a person discovering her in her hometown car Tuesday morning, Tuesday after a suspicious car jail. The man was found after being driven in the ditch.

Shortly after 8am on Tuesday morning, a municipal employee was able to look at one of the Karlstad municipal vehicles near Tingvallarondellen. When the car was stolen from the municipality, it caused the police to fall and also tried to stop the suspicious vehicle prison by blocking the road with your own car.

The suspect chose to drive municipal staff after the car was juggled and disappeared in the west of E18.

"There is suspicion of theft of motor vehicles, but of course there will be more violations of the crime," said Mats Öhman, presidential spokesperson immediately after 10 pm in the police district of Bergslagen.

Shortly thereafter, the journey ended in the ditch to the Frykenbad campground and ended for the courtyard of the car.

The man tried to deflect into the user's place on a few suitcases, but the rescue service stopped him, and the police would catch him.

The man was born in 1981 and is suspected of resorting to drugs and theft, but more crime is likely.

Kaz It may be related to serious harassment from traffic accidents and attempted transmission.

The bags he carried on the goods where the police suspect was stolen.

The man complained of an accident, neck and back pain, and was taken to the central hospital in Karlstad under police surveillance to check.

The person who tried to stop the car jumper should not have been injured when the car jumps onto the jumper.

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