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Big money crowd after searching for Dante, 12


Facebook group "Search for Dante" members collected about 250,000.

Now it broke a lot of money – and the cops got stuck.

Founder Parisa Jafari, "Money has become the chaos after everything came to picture," he says.

The search for 12-year-old Dante drew great attention.

Thousands of people participated in the research and took up more places online.

6/1 | Photo by ANDREAS BARDELL

At the beginning of the week, a Facebook group called "Search for Dante" was launched to search, coordinate and provide information to interested parties.

Ka I had a good idea to start the band, but because money went into the picture, everything turned into chaos. I just want to put an end to it, says the founder Parisa Jafari who is not included in the collection of real money.

"Fraction in the group"

On Thursday, Executive Niklas Johansson prepared a beautiful collection to sponsor Dante's research.

In a short period of time the private account was collected for SEK 250,000, but until the end of the week Niklas Johansson said he was accused of trying to loot the money, Aftonbladet.

Or When benefits began to take on major threats, I transferred them to another manager, “he says.

Aftonbladet watched screenshots from Niklas Johansson, an internet bank that seemed to have handed SEK 244,183 SEK to another manager, Anne Ladd.

Now the big mistakes were divided into money in the group and the two managers accused each other of getting money. Niklas Johansson said managers agreed that the money would be transferred to the family of Lost People and Dante on Friday afternoon.

He would go to the bank and take the money, but he never did. Now they're staying with him because he's afraid of any tax debt, he says.

Anne Ladd accuses Niklas Johansson of showing account statements showing all the money she has received.

Niklas Johansson, "I did this and now I'm paying all the payments with a person who is independent of the Missing Persons."

"Honest person"

Anne Ladd said she would contact the Tax Office on Monday to grant her the right to transfer the money.

– I will find out that I am not deprived of personal stagnation, and then I will contact the Missing Persons and transfer all of your shares. He says I'm an honest person with a good heart.

Among the 13,000 members of the group, he was upset about how most collections ended.

. Don't think that I'm reading is right. (And you want to help me with the heart, then I blew it.) And in addition, I've mixed the money in such a difficult moment.

On Monday, the police will capture police reports about the collection that arrived during the weekend.

The police will investigate

The first is a statement from Anne Ladd, who accused Niklas Johansson of the crime.

Second, a notification for Anne Ladd, who currently has money in his account.

– We received information from one of the organizers of the collection and made a notification. We just heard someone's story here and they claim that a person doesn't want to leave that money. Now, it is likely to be investigated as a suspected poison or fraud, "said Peter Adlersson, police presidential spokesman in the Western region.

The total is 200,000 SEK.

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