Monday , January 18 2021

Absolutely okey to sell at the bar Dunderhonung – Linkopingnews

Several media have now said that the Patent and Registration Office has said that PRV has said it and has decided that the barking Shotluckan will continue to sell a shot called "Dunderhonung" on its sticks.

Super Honey

Rabaldret began with the view that the publisher Bamses said Shotluckan sold a shot called "Dunderhonung", a super honey used by the main character of the newspaper. In particular, Bamseförlaget appealed to the name used to sell alcohol while addressing the comics first and most importantly to children.

Adult crowd

On the other hand, it is clear that the havladıran has turned into an adult listener and does not lead to confusion. PRV means that you can continue to sell to the bars of Shotluck, that is to say, "Dunderhonung".

Photo: Press the image.

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