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Simon Thern won the Grand Prize of Allsvenskan for the "Voice of the Year" award.

But the Norrköping player says that there is an out-of-date back.

. I learned how to brush off the time to write negative or threatening stuff, Th says Thern.

This year's most powerful profile in Norrköping is Simon Thern. On Monday, the midfielder was praised as "the voice of the year" in Allsvenskan's Grand Prize.

– I'd dare. Not everyone he does, Thern in response to the award.

"Sweden still standing"

In particular, the Norrköping player is not afraid to say what he thinks about Swedish youth development.

”There are a lot of things we can find a better place in Sweden because other countries are better, Th says Thern.

"Sweden has been standing for a long time in terms of the development of youth football and perhaps high-level football, many of them said they were successful in the Netherlands. the idea they have clearly from above.

"They wished they were in my shoes."

But there's a back side with a strong voice.

– Obviously the coin has another face, you got some hats. Both for the other. Simon Thern, there are many who certainly do not manage him and do not feel hard.

"I had a whole football career for me. Where did I play, I played there because my father (Jonas Thern) was good, so I learned to brush the time to write negative or threatening things. .

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