Friday , February 26 2021

Will Bo Cortana finish the same thing with Windows Phone?

Dark clouds collapsed on the digital assistant of Cortan.Dark clouds collapsed on the digital assistant of Cortan.

In the last few years, technological giants have been working hard to develop services based on oral communication. Google Now, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana There are only three of the most widely recognized and widely used services. However, as it appears, the latter is not very good, because other manufacturers are currently preparing their own solutions for a bet, because they are currently only available in connection with Microsoft's devices.

According to analysts, the Microsoft Cortana's digital assistant may result in the same way as the latest Windows Phone mobile operating system. Some even suggested that the computer giant, Amazon, developed the digital assistant because the company had previously announced the collaboration between Alexa and Cortana. This was also reflected in the fact that Microsoft launched Amazon Echo smartphone sales on websites that were once considered spam.

The fact that something has happened with Microsoft's Cortan digital assistant shows that a number of elite members responsible for the development of artificial intelligence are excluded from the development team. What really happens with the digital assistant Cortan is of course you can only show us the time and the first elbette movements Dijital can be expected at the beginning of next year.

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