Wednesday , June 16 2021

Why can Lesnina be open and not Ikea?

After writing yesterday that Ikea will close its doors for eleven days due to a government decree, another furniture company, Lesnina, surprisingly boasted that it would open between April 1 and 11, when its branches should also apply. state.

When asked why they decided to take this step and which of the exceptions stipulated in the decree take into account trade, the exceptions in the government decree are defined as the trade of technical goods, including furniture, because these goods are issued a warranty card.

It was also confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce that it was allowed to open its stores and received an appropriate statement from the Ministry of Economy, Development and Technology. The explanation for what technical goods are is quite simple – “all goods with guarantee”.

The popular Swedish furniture retailer explained to us that this exception does not apply to their stores, so they will be closed until April 12 and online stores will be uninterrupted.

For those who have made an appointment with Ikea, the appointment will be postponed, so they recommend that you choose a new free appointment.

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