Monday , March 8 2021

Week in Stars

Things will turn into history, and we'll have the errors we need to analyze in a way that doesn't repeat them. The time of the fire will bring us winter temperatures. We can link to subconscious experiences and remember things we were working with once, and now we can upgrade. It also leads us into intuitive thinking and the creative world. Therefore the shooter knows that a mystical sign, half-energy, and the people born in it outline their properties and that almost nothing is impossible. The nature of this shooting is that everyone will participate in this wonderful period, which will fulfill us with fresh energy.
Towards the end of the week, Venus would again oppose the Uverts, which would bring financial or project conflicts to the surface as it was backward of Merkur. This will be most reflected in family life. Of course, this does not apply to people who knowingly solve all difficulties; in this respect, you will have a clear idea of ​​the changes you need to make in the field of finance.
The falling month and retrograde Merkur will help us achieve all of the goals you have invested in energy since September. We have a positive week for us, the rest should be placed before work, because you will only get the right information in the moments of peace and socialization will be easy.
Important planets in the sky will meet this week. These aspects are called excavations, which means that the planet burns with binary power that will give us very important information. It is said that the intuition will be strongly emphasized, and on Monday the Sun and Jupiter are said to be a major expansion and support. In this respect, the week will really be fulfilled. Once again, I will tell you that no new steps were taken during the return of Mercury, and that no new contracts were signed, but only things were rearranged. Since Venus is direct, it is time for new energies to exalt and deepen relationships.
On Tuesday, there will be an important day, because the perspective, the Sun and the retro Merkur and Jupiter will be two aspects. Extraordinary energy allows you to talk about important things, say what you have not done so far. The day will bring support, so enjoy the opportunities offered to you.
Enjoy good days, well-being and happy moments. On Friday, only the last month break will be quite dynamic, and in the emotional area where you wake up again, you will behave differently than usual, and therefore you will take a step forward in personal life.

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