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The problem for Severina is in the absence of Anzet Skrubet

It all started in 2013, when the directing mag Tomaž Pandur Welcome to the rented club for a fabulous tour Škrubet toHe chose a dance team and created memorable choreographies. Severina He was in the safe hands of two extraordinarily creative minds, and his fate had at first torn up Tomaz and now he would have had to go on a new concert tour without him Anza. “I recently received several calls with the same question: how do we prepare for future participation with Severina? People were convinced that I would do the choreography this time because they saw the announcers from the Magic video. So, in addition to the dance work, I followed a creative direction and many people quickly connected me to Severina's tour. Otherwise, we were talking, but unfortunately the Slovenian dance pearl, who had just returned from a seven-week tour of Indigo, trusted us and it was impossible to compromise with his new direction. Chris Brown. During the fifth year, Anze is part of the singer's tightest team, preparing the toughest projects that should impact the 42 scenes of America. They have been preparing for this bite for three weeks, but it is worth it because they have announced the tour as one of the most successful in recent years. Anze stressed that although the Croatian superstar will not take over the stage, he remains a major supporter. "The most important thing is that I will be happy to encourage Severina and I to maintain our friendship, and if I am in Slovenia, we will write a beautiful story together and that no one in the world can stand it."

While the best dance lovers will have to settle for a different version than they used in the previous round, Škrube is committed to being a brilliant continuation of his career. This year, America Has Talent appeared on the megalomanacal show and the production company Maestro Creatives saw a real boom. At the age of 18, he continues writing the story with a dance school and Maestro group, taking all of them to higher levels and attracting internationally renowned directors, producers, choreographers, dancers, light masters, stylists, in short, talented commercials themselves. "Working with one of the highlights of the season Taylor Swiftimpressed by my client's choreography Hayley KiyokoThat's why he invited us to be part of his show. Hayley, among other things, appeared on the MTV Music Awards, on the Jimmy Fallon show, Seth Meyers, Midnight and Good Morning in America, in short, "we learned firsthand." After a busy month, Anže took some free time to relax and visit Slovenia, which was already eagerly awaited by friends and family.

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