Saturday , January 22 2022

The president of the Local Karitas made a call to NSi and SDS with their food packages.


Viteška lokalna skupnost Leskovec The head of the Karitas humanitarian service in Ana Vindis added food packages to a list calling on NSi and SDS candidates to vote in local elections.

Caritas Head in Leskovec near Ptuj Mother Vindiš The package of food for local residents added a letter urging voters from the NSE and SDS parties to call ahead to support local elections.

A letter to the current mayor from Vindisheva Frideric Bracic "He no longer believes that the mayor is not capable of working responsibly".

, It's enough to ignore our place for 16 years., Mayor Bračič gives us second-class citizens because he invests his budget funds in the flat Videm section of the municipality and in Tržec, the most farm owner, so we will not vote for him anymore. To get paid for the work, it was written in a letter.

He was also circumcised at the age of. "He is the oldest mayor of Slovenia and no longer has the ability to work in charge of the mayor. When journalists ask him certain questions he remembers nothing," he wrote in a letter to Vindiš, and suggestions to support the candidate.

Vindisheva: The inner voice appealed to me

In his speech to Vindiš Večer, he said he had not seen anything undisputed and that "Karitas had nothing to do with the letter, but that the inner voice convinced me that people had received other information." However, Jože Petek, a pastor in Leskovac, condemned his actions in order to add food to food packages.

Vindiševa is also a candidate for the local community Leskovec SDS.

Leskovec, near Ptuj, belongs to the municipality of Videm, where seven candidates are elected as mayors.

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