Monday , March 8 2021

The new charges are additions for permanent preparation

Ten new indictments were opened for ten of the ten faculties of the University of Ljubljana, which consisted of a total of 1.7 million euros.

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Among other things, I am Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work. The maximum amount <858 & gt; Europeans were also among the informatics and technical workers who were constantly prepared, including the former finance minister. Du MarbleNow, there are ten people now.

; If we talk about responsibility, please let us know who this plugin is ed # 160; illegal. Or who should know, & # 34; faculty of construction and geodesy says dean Matja & # 382; Miko & # 353;.
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Construction school or 80,000? additions. Both faculties say that all paid supplements are returned.
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And on a reporter Tina KristanThe first person who reported the abuses mentioned in the faculties says: su # 34;As a whole, illegally paid bonus – pressurized – was just returned by the former Du Marmar minister and Maja Makovec Bren & # 269; i & # 269;The allowance was received for only ten months when the rest of the workers were returned – as required by law.
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In faculties, this process was valid for three faculties, the procedure was in the judicial investigation phase. We have also decided whether there will be an obstacle for those responsible for the faculties of social sciences. or less than half a million additives and also against the old leadership in the Faculty of Philosophy. In other words, they pay the most in faculties next to the faculty of economics. Continuous standby, & # 34; Kristen is adding.

"On the complaint of defendants' advocates because the first death declaration against employees in the faculties of economics is not legal." If the proceedings are continued, the cases in legal proceedings shall be sentenced to three months to five years' imprisonment.

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Among other things, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy and the former dean of the Faculty of Social Work are said to be. With four accused members of the Faculty of Economics, there were informatics and technical workers among those who were permanently prepared, with payments being paid up to 858 thousand euros, and the former Finance Minister was among the defendants.Dusan MramorThere are already ten people already accused.

"If we're talking about responsibility, please tell us who knows what this charge is illegal, or who should know." Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy says Matjaž Mikoš.
He paid 80,000 euros at the faculty of construction. Both faculties say that all paid allowances have already been returned.
And our journalist Tina KristanThe first person who reported the abovementioned abuses in the faculties said: "As a whole, illegally media pressures – only former ministers Dušan Mramor and Maja Makovec BrenčičWhen the rest of the employees were returned – as required by law – the allowance was received for only ten months.
The prosecution proceedings against three faculties, while the four faculties continue the procedure during the judicial investigation. "We also expect the decision of the Faculty of Social Sciences to issue an indictment against former accountants against the former leadership of the Faculty of Philosophy. Kristanova adds.

The first indictment against the employees of the Faculty of Economics is still not clear, as they have filed a complaint against the defendants. In the event of the termination of the proceedings, the final convicts are threatened with three months and five years of imprisonment.

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