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Institutional investors may only be interested in buying NLB shares on Thursday

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 7: 51 pm
The last intervention: 8 November 2018, 10:38
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

Interest in buying an NLB ends. Photo: BoBo

Corporate investors may only be interested in purchasing NLB shares until 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, the final final price for the stock is expected to be between EUR 51,50 and EUR 66.

A country with at least 50 percent plus one share and a maximum share of 75 percent with the IPO method, according to the plans, will offer institutional investors with a 90 percent stake. This will be determined based on the amount of subscriptions in the slices for these investors and retail investors.

The interest and the final price per share are affected by the current market situation. It is a good thing to hear that there is an interest among Slovenian institutional investors, but it is limited to legal regulations, that is, how many shares of a company can be purchased. Institutional investors from other neighboring countries may also be interested. Croatian pension funds.

According to SiOL, the prohibition of purchase belongs to the Slovenian pension funds managed by Zavarovalnica Triglav, Modri ​​zavarovalnice, Kapitalska družba and Sava insurance companies. The Securities Market Authority, in its opinion, has informed one of the pension fund managers that NLB shares cannot be purchased by companies that are at least one-fifth of the country's property.

Blomberg: NLB shares 51.5 Euro?
Corporate investors filled NLB's first public offering (NLB) to the full package of a 75% minus share sold by the state. This is evident from publications in the information system of the Bloomberg business environment. Meanwhile, the share price is expected to reach 51.5 euros and is therefore set at a low price range.

The SDH and NLB at the IPO prospectus published on October 26 determined the price range for shares from 51.50 to 66 euros. If informal Bloomberg information is available, the price of the IPO, whose main coordinators are Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, will be in the absolute low price range representing 68 to 88 percent of the NLB's book value. The second reached 75.40 euros in the middle of the year.

Small investors, natural or legal persons who are not well educated investors can enter at least 10 shares and pay 66 Euros. If it is known how much of the final price will be purchased for a share, the NLB will recover the difference.


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