Saturday , May 21 2022

TA Slovenka has received the BEST classification in Slovenia's beauty contest! – Glorious world


They are always famous by the people of Ljubljana & # 39; or write this time Once upon a time the beautiful Zrenjanin 's famous & # 39;Therefore, this year comes our representative for Miss Earth.

Meet Danijel Burjan

sympathetic 23-year-old Danijela Burjan It has reached the highest level in the Philippines competition because of Slovenia's participation in this competition.

Honey is first TOP 18 finalisthoney after the exit TOP 12It was also his last ranking. But that's not all. Despite the fact that his main title did not take him home, his support was proved otherwise.

2 gold medals and one bronze

Even though the crown came out, Danijela still received more awards. For your own opera performance Goodbye Time took the gold medal for dinnerand he won Bronze medal for swimwear competition.

With all the medals, he was among the top three in the general classification, and that was the best result for Slovenia so far.

Danijela was very impressed by the Filipinos. Miss Earth SLAYvenia Fan Club fan club.

Danijela, also the Cosmo team is sending you congratulations for a fabulous ranking! : *


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